Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling

Counselling offers you a regular time in a safe and confidential place where you can talk about issues you may be struggling with and want to change.   This can be anything from difficult life events, feelings, emotions and relationships.  Counselling helps you explore difficult feelings, thoughts or behaviours impacting you and looks at ways you can make changes. 

It’s not about giving you advice or telling you what you should do but to assist you in gaining a better understanding of your situation and finding ways to live your life more positively.

How do I get started

You can phone or email me to arrange a free no-obligation phone consultation. Then at the first appointment we will establish if counselling is going to be helpful to you and for you to find out if you’d like to work with me. I will ask you what is troubling you and what made you decide to contact me. I will ask you questions about yourself and your background and how your difficulties are affecting your life and general wellbeing. We will agree how we will work together in the form of a therapeutic agreement.

What are your fees

The fees are £45 per 50 minute session for individuals. Fees can be settled by cash or bank transfer before or at the session.

What happens in Counselling

Counselling offers you the opportunity to talk in safe and confidential space in a supportive relationship where you feel accepted and understood.   The session is reserved just for you and is where you can talk about yourself your life or anything you are finding difficult.  I will encourage you to talk about your feelings and make sense of issues or situations you want to explore or change.

How will Counselling Help

Counselling can help with a wide range of concerns and difficulties that may be affecting your life by having the time and space to talk with a professional you trust.  Within this relationship, you can be supported and understand yourself better; recover from difficult experiences; feel better and make the changes you want to improve your relationships.

How long will Counselling last

I offer short or ongoing appointments depending of what suits your situation. 

Usually people find weekly session useful to begin with and then reduce sessions to fortnightly or longer. Sometimes people also take a break and then return as necessary. Some like to fit sessions around their own schedule but some like a regular spot which can be booked in a block.

Sometimes a single session maybe enough but most people have six sessions or more.  

Are the sessions confidential

Everything you discuss with me is treated with respect and confidentiality.   There are some exceptions to this where I’m bound by Law or if your safety or the safety of someone else is at risk but I will explain this at the assessment stage. 

Do you keep Notes

I keep very brief notes of the session which are coded to keep then anonymised.  I store according to GDPR.

How long are the sessions

Sessions last for 50 minutes.